Why do I cost 299 euro?

The Peruvian fabric that is used to make me has cost about 40 euros.

The other fabrics used are residual materials from furniture manufacturers and their cost differs between five euro per meter and 25 euros per meter. My designer picks these fabrics herself and decides on the design while she is going through the residual materials that is available at that moment.

Time is money… and it takes my designer about eight hours to design and make me. She works with pre-designed patterns, which makes the design process somewhat easier and faster. If the design needs to be adjusted or changed in case if a customer has a special request, she will need more time of course.

The labels that you can find on me have cost about 25 euro. To make sure the QR code will be usable and for it to last, the labels must be made with precision, and they must be of a certain level of quality.

Buttons or a zipper: around 10 euro

Other materials that are used on the finishing of the jacket for example: about 10 euro.

25 (x2 meter) = 50
125 euro for materials only

Only about 174 euro left for:

+ 8 hours of production
+ Costs to ship the fabrics from Peru to The Netherlands
+ Taxes
+ Shipping to the customer (national shipping costs about 7,95 euro)
+ Going to the warehouse to select the other fabrics that are used to make the jacket (residual materials from furniture manufacturers)
+ Going to the haberdashery shop to get other materials for the production such as: buttons, a zipper, interfacing to use on the inside of the collar of the jacket for it to stand up, thread, needles, lining for the inside etc.

And probably some more…